FAQ| Protective masks in Switzerland

Masks have become indispensable since the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic. In many cantons masks are mandatory in stores. But for many it is not always clear which protective mask is effective and which type of mask should be purchased. Finally, there are stronger masks which only protect the others from the wearer and there are masks which also protect the wearer.

Which masks protect best? All important questions and answers are summarized in our FAQ.

Is there a mask obligation in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, there is only a compulsory mask in public transport. This should help to contain the spread of the Corona Virus. There is also a mask obligation in some cantons in the stores. To find out whether there is a compulsory mask in your canton, you should visit the website of your cantonal authority.

Where do you have to wear a mask in Switzerland

Persons over 12 years of age are generally required to wear masks on buses, trains and streetcars. In some cantons, masks are also compulsory in shopping centers and public buildings. In general, the whole thing is handled in a federal manner and the regulations can be different in each canton.

Is it recommended to wear a mask in Switzerland?

Wearing a mask is recommended by the federal government, as it protects against the spread of the virus. The purchase of a protective mask is therefore recommended – in addition to all other protective measures such as a safe distance and thorough hand washing.

What types of masks are available?

Easily explained, there are surgical masks, hygiene masks and respiratory masks. All these 3 types have different levels of protection.

Hygiene masks are made of a multilayer fleece. These protect above all the surrounding area from further infection by a wearer. The hygiene protection masks are among the most popular masks in Switzerland. You can recognize them by their light blue surface. Such hygiene masks are for single use only.

Respiratory protection masks – also known as FFP2 or FFP3 have built-in filters, which offer a stronger protection than for example hygiene masks. The mask wearer is protected with the respirators from all particles as well as dust and other bacteria. These masks are often found on construction sites at normal times. Risk patients and hospital personnel are well served with the respirator mask.

Fabric masks consist of a filter and a comfortable fabric for the wearer of the mask. The tested masks also provide better protection against transmission and these are also washable and therefore reusable.

How is a mask used correctly?

For better protection, the mask must completely cover the mouth and nose. It is also highly recommended that you always wash your hands thoroughly before changing masks. Avoid touching the mask while wearing it or touching the face in general. After a single use, you must dispose of the hygiene masks.

Can the mask be used several times?

Fabric and medical masks can be used several times if they have not been used too often. Hygiene masks are for single use only and should be disposed of properly.

Storage of the mask for multiple use

If you use the mask several times, make sure that it can dry well. You should therefore put the mask on a hook while hanging. Also make sure that the mask does not contaminate anything and does not come into contact with other people.

How long can I wear a mask?

Masks can be worn for different lengths of time depending on the type of protective mask. Normal hygiene masks can only be worn for 1-2 hours – maximum 3 hours. The moisture will make it difficult to breathe over time. The protective effect of the moisture is also reduced.

FFP masks can be worn for 9 hours or even longer in a row. You should always pay attention to comfort and whether or not the mask gets wet. It is worth changing the mask regularly for each type of mask.

How do I dispose of a mask?

The masks can be disposed of in the normal way. They can also be disposed of in garbage cans when you are on the road. Make sure that you dispose of the masks in such a way that no other persons come into contact with them.

Can masks be washed?

Hygiene masks can only be used once. Re-use is not recommended and may even be harmful. Depending on the manufacturer, the fabric masks can be washed in the washing machine. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can beard wearers use protective masks?

Also as a bar carrier you can and should wear a protective mask. You should make sure that mouth and nose are completely covered.

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